Less Than Zero Embroidered Patch

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Image of Less Than Zero Embroidered Patch

One sigil and sign under which we move and manifest within our Motorcoven is that of :.<0.:

“Less Than Zero.”

Like the X on the head of the Hierophant, its meaning is legion.

With it, we mark ourselves as those who have gone beyond, outside of this world, gazed long into the endless and the abyss, and ain’t coming back- because we’ve got that choice, we’ve got that knowledge, that power to move without its confining boundaries.

It’s about not giving a fuck about this godawful society, its gnawing, shallow bullshit, the half-people that wander around in it self-satisfied
with their car and house and pile of plastic and high tech garbage.

Burn it all and scatter the ashes to the wind, ride or die, less than zero, more than human!

It’s the 0 in 108, consciousness separated from matter by the void itself, that which comes between everything and surrounds everything,
unseen but felt, sought after in those moments where the sun meets the highway and obliterates everything.

It’s in the moment of the bad crash, the tornado as it touches earth, eyes on the heavens in the grip of the trip, the hard come-down, the little death, called <0rgasm that comes as a pre-cursor to the big one we are all chasing down.

This Coven seeks out that emptiness, that void, that lives both within us, at the heart, and within the cosmos, at its heart.

We wanna comprehend that true feeling- to be completely empty, to let ourselves be swallowed up in it,
out there on the deathless black route that leads to nowhere-
to just give ourselves over to it, till there’s no when, no now, no nothing.

But more than all that stuff, it’s a doorway. When the stars roll aside, in those great big fucking moments of death and resurrection,
and they reveal the tunnels behind them, the longest ride to the unknown.

For every positive, there’s a negative, dig? Everything to the right has a thing on the left. A rider and his shadow, subatomic particles,
darkness and light, creation and destruction, a Tree of Life and a Tree of Death, and the roads and highways and secret tracks that connect it all-

And we don’t fear- we explore them at High Speed.